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Take your smart home to the next level with the latest in automation technology, installed by the specialists at ifloors TX. With high-performance distributed AV, smart lighting, and security systems installed throughout Sugar Land, TX, our experience and dedication have earned us a trusted name in smart home integration.

A smart lighting system helps you to create the right ambiance in your Sugar Land home while also allowing you to save electricity. Set up scenes that modify the lighting design to give each space a distinct feel, and keep track of how much energy is being used at any one time. When you connect your smart lighting to your climate control system, your automated lights and window treatments will work together to maintain a consistent temperature.

Quality smart lighting

Your light fixtures play an important role in the décor of your house, both in terms of setting the mood and highlighting specific items within space. You only have the option of turning your lights on or off with traditional lighting, but using dimmers with a lighting control system allows you to have much more granular control over how a room is lit.



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Our smart lighting expert here at iFloors TX will help you design the perfect smart lighting setup for your home. Our fully trained and certified installation staff can install your smart lighting quickly and dependably. You can trust that our professionals will arrive at your location with the knowledge and experience necessary to do the task correctly.

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