Porcelain slabs


Porcelain slabs

Originating in Europe and finally jumping across the pond to American homes, porcelain slabs are like porcelain tiles, but much, much bigger. They are often available in sizes of up to 10-by-5 feet and can be custom-ordered in even larger sizes. Because they are only 6 to 12 mm thick, they are easy to work with and lightweight. Peter Pental of Pental Surfaces notes, “Most tile on the market today is good quality, so it’s really the format that sets one tile apart from another. Large-format thin tiles can be used as either slab or tile and are ideal for flooring since it allows for the look without the thickness issues that came with using stone slab on the floor.”

These slabs are s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! They really make a statement and can be used in ways that marble and other natural stones cannot. They are not made by artisans, but in very impressive, high-tech facilities where much of the process is automated and handled by machines and robots.

The benefits of large format porcelain slabs

  1. May save you money
    Porcelain slabs cost $10 to $30 dollars per square foot, which may cost less than comparable materials.

  2. Fewer joints and seams
    Ideal for a virtually seamless look that is very luxurious.

  3. Uses less grout
    This means less mess during installation, but it also means the end result is more visually appealing.



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  1. Easy to install
    Only an adhesive is needed for install, followed by a cement or epoxy grout for seams. However, installation is not suitable as a DIY project and should be done by professionals.

  2. Easy to maintain
    Porcelain is easy to clean and difficult to damage. There is no ongoing maintenance necessary to maintain the beauty of porcelain slabs.

  3. Heat-resistant
    Because porcelain is fired at such high temperatures, any temperature it will experience in your home is much lower, making it ideal for countertops.

  4. Does not stain
    Because porcelain is denser and less porous than other materials, it is ideal for any residential application.

  5. Does not get scratched or worn
    Durability is important for both residential and commercial applications, so the strength of porcelain is a great benefit.

  6. Can be installed on existing surfaces
    Large-format porcelain can be installed right over current flooring or counters, making it a great option for home renovations.

  7. Unlimited variety of surface designs
    Sky’s the limit! Solid colors, floral designs, geometric patterns, stone-look, wood-look, concrete-look, and more.

  8. So many applications
    In the home, applications include walls, floors, backsplashes, countertops, sinks, tubs, showers, fireplace surrounds, furniture, exterior cladding, pools, patios, and more.