How to choose the perfect floors for kitchen remodeling

How to choose the perfect floors for kitchen remodeling

When choosing floors for your kitchen remodeling, you must consider aesthetics and function.

It needs to be stylish, especially with today’s open layouts. The floors also need to handle all the foot traffic, drops, and spills so well-known with kitchens.

First, examine your lifestyle

A small family with no kids and pets will have different durability, waterproof, and cleaning needs than a large, active family.

What’s your flooring goal?

Will the floor be a neutral backdrop or make a stunning design statement? If it's the latter, be especially aware of the need to coordinate with other elements, such as kitchen countertops, appliances, and cabinets.

Choose floors that harmonize with your kitchen style

If your kitchen is farmhouse style, don't choose a floor that screams urban modern!

Also, consider your home's overall decor. Again, nothing needs to match, but you want a cohesive look.

Do you spend a lot of time preparing meals?

Not enough people consider this when planning their kitchen remodeling project. If you spend hours on your feet preparing big meals, you might want a more resilient surface than a truly hard one.

Should the floor match the cabinets?

This is a matter of personal choice. Floors can but don't have to match kitchen cabinets. Just be sure the colors harmonize and don't clash.

Are you going or staying?

Why are you remodeling? This circles back to cost. 

If your purpose is to increase enjoyment in your home, make the kitchen remodeling more extensive. That translates to more money.

On the other hand, if it's to prepare for a sale, keep it on a cosmetic basis. Also, spend less money. They'll only redo it to suit their style anyway.

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