A quick carpet installation guide

A quick carpet installation guide

We know you’re excited about your new installation. After all, when you shopped for carpet in Sugar Land, TX, you saw just how elegant it could make your home–not to mention all the terrific functional capabilities.

You may also have some questions about your carpet installation. Here's what we hear most often in our showroom.

Can I measure myself?

It isn't recommended. Rooms aren't perfect squares. They usually have moldings, baseboards, door sills, and closets. Professionals know how to navigate and accommodate these to get accurate measurements.

Under-ordering causes delays and additional charges. Over-ordering creates waste and unnecessary expenses.

How do I make sure there are no surprise last-minute bills?

Be sure you are fully prepared. Examine the estimate from the carpet store thoroughly and ask questions, such as about subfloor inspection and repair.

The room also needs to be empty. Who moves the furniture? What about disposal?

What’s the actual installation like?

The professional first places tack strips around the room's perimeter. These are wooden frames with nails that secure the rug.
The cushion goes in first and is placed within the strips. Then the rug is stretched over it and is jutted against the wall.

Why is proper stretching so important?

Improper stretching leads to looseness, rolls, and wrinkles. It affects appearance and safety; it's easy to trip over loose carpet.
As a note, many manufacturers have strict requirements regarding how it can be stretched. Unless followed strictly, warranty protections can be lost.

How long does a carpet installation take?

The actual installation depends on room size and preparation. However, it can be done in less than a day.

Furniture can usually be moved in after 24-36 hours. Let the adhesive set; moving in too soon will create rolls and wrinkles.

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At iFloors, we understand that any flooring is a significant investment in your home. Our experienced staff will be sure you select carpet that will look great and perform well for a long time.

Our Sugar Land, TX
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